Guilin Guiye Machinery Co., LTD Cheers for Guilin International Marathon

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Guilin Guiye Machinery Co., LTD Cheers for Guilin International Marathon


 It is substantial cooling in Guilin on 19 November; however, the cold wind and rain can not stop enthusiastic participants to Guilin International Marathon. Guilin citizens who are not affected by bad weather at all cheer for the contestants with high enthusiasm. Eight o'clock in the morning, with starting gun fired, 20,000 players from 14 countries run out of the starting line, which is unstoppable.


 Contestant Luo Bijun, coming from Guilin Guiye Machinery Co., Ltd, tries to run ahead all the way. When passing a cheering station which is set specially for him by Guilin Guiye, seeing the passionate company cheerleaders, Luo Bijun is even more powerful and passionate. Eventually, he finishes the race 10KM in 51 minutes and enters the top 100.



 Guilin Guiye Company does a good job in production and management; at the same time, it attaches great importance to the building of enterprise culture. It often organizes basketball games and other recreational activities for staff, and supports staff to participate in various sports competitions. In particular for this International Marathon, company staffs give contestant training advice and encouragement. Nearly 10 people come to competition scene cheering for him, which on the one hand reflects the spirit of unity and mutual assistance and shows the corporate image, on the other hand, makes majority of employees feel the life passion of "Exercise makes me happy" and the sportsmanship of "self-challenge, beyond the limits, perseverance, never give up".