GYM Members Warmly Celebrate the 2017 National Day & Mid-Autumn Festival by Holding Various Activities

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GYM Members Warmly Celebrate the 2017 National Day & Mid-Autumn Festival by Holding Various Activities


Guilin Guiye Machinery Co., Ltd holds various activities for celebrating the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival on Sept 25, 2017, to welcome the upcoming two traditional festivals with the whole members involved after the annual meeting in January this year.Over 200 GYM members participated in this reunion activity and have much fun during the process. It is the 1st time in GYM’s history that all the members were lined up in six columns, taking a picture of the family. This is also a celebration event for the substantial increase of each economic index of previous 8 months this year. Especially, after regrouping the sales team since the middle of August, the sales team's enthusiasm and fighting capacity is greatly improved, and the customer visits & order volume increased rapidly as well.


Before the event, the company issued the moon cakes and fruits for all employees and let them share the gratifying situation of the company. This is a cohesion of the people, the morale of the activities, the board of directors of GYM (Mr. Yi Chun Qing ), as well as the deputy general manager( Mr. Shi Mengming) gave a speech before the start of the activities, pointed out the direction for the future development of GYM, established the goal, the formation of a consensus.

The company held an employee meeting before the activity. Firstly, Mr. Qing, on behalf of the board of directors, extend holiday greetings and thanks to their hard work from all employees especially the members who are out of office for the domestic and foreign business and cannot participate in the activities. The chairman summarized the company operation status for the previous eight months and expounded the future direction and development ideas of GYM, then put forward the business strategy and objectives plan.


The executive vice general manager, Mr. Shi Mengming, communicated with the employees at the meeting for the company sales work, rules and regulations, management system, enterprise culture and team construction work. And he hopes that each GYM member can cooperate with each other and keep in one mind to create a glory future.


The activity was officially started after the employee meeting, and all the members were quickly into activities and enjoyed themselves. There are 8 items set up in this activity: the riddles, the insight competition, blindfolded Gong, "’Good luck from GYM ", a clip ring, blowing beads, pinball, Blowing the table tennis on the water of the glass.Employees can take part in each item and win the tickets actively once success and get memorial award if failed. At the end of the activity, each employee is rewarded and filled with the joy of the festival!



Through the development of rich and colorful cultural and recreational activities, not only to create a festive atmosphere between employees, to enhance the mutual communication between the company and employees and let them feel the care and warmth from the community, but also to promote the development of GYM’S business and to lay a cultural foundation for 100 enterprises building.